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Looking at the Future with Cloud-Based Property Management Software

The competitive nature of the hotel industry means there is always room for innovation to meet the guest expectations. One of the easiest ways to impress guests in the hotel business is by using advanced technology in the hotel premises. As soon as a guest chooses the hotel for their stay, their interaction with the hotel’s technology starts from that point onwards.

Whether it is getting a good price for the hotel room or getting immediate emails with details of booking and directions to the hotel’s location, everything makes a stellar impression on the guests. The features offered by the hotel PMS help the managers in adding another layer of sophistication to the services offered by their staff. Using quality software in the hotel also means every request from the guests is resolved faster and any errors are greatly reduced.

Here are some of the challenges faced by hotels in day to day operations

  • Lack of staff to handle operations
  • Overbooking/double booking of rooms due to staff errors
  • Training new staff members to use software
  • Unique demands from guests
  • Protecting the financial and personal information of the guests
  • Meeting the expectations of the guests
  • Managing housekeeping staff
  • Creating a clean and sanitized premises
  • Managing room inventory across various channels

Key Features of Cloud PMS that help Hotel Managers in Overcoming Challenges

Automation – Many daily tasks in the hotel can be easily automated with the help of the best cloud-based property management software. From checking-in guests automatically to creating guest profiles with their preferences for future visits, the hotel PMS software can do all this and much more. Hotel PMS can also be set up to inform housekeeping the moment a guest checks out the room is ready for cleaning. Sending emails, gathering feedback from guests, confirming reservations, all these tasks and more can be easily automated to save the time of the staff. Automation also allows the hotel to work with a small staff as most of the tasks are taken care of by the software.

Cloud Backup

The data collected by customer behaviour and hotel’s performance is crucial for the business and taking regular backups of the data is essential. In case of a natural disaster, an accident at the hotel, or data corruption, the managers can rest assured that the data is backed up in the cloud. Often, cloud backups are located in multiple locations for even better security of the data.

The data backups in the cloud are secured behind multiple layers of encryption that are only accessible by users with the correct credentials. In essence, the data stored in the cloud is safe from any kind of phishing or malware attacks. Furthermore, users can access the data from any cloud connected device, there is zero downtime, and setting up new devices is as easy as plugging them.

Channel Management

Hotel rooms are displayed on multiple channels and OTAs to ensure increased sales of the rooms in peak season. While earlier changing room rates or inventory status meant updating each channel, now the best cloud-based property management software can update all channels instantly. Speed is the name of the game in the hotel business and the sooner you give the prospective guests a better deal than the competitors, sooner you can make customers out of them.

The channel manager is part of the hotel PMS that gives the hotel staff ability to update room rates or availability instantly. The instantaneous change means there are less chances of overbooking or double booking of the rooms in peak season. Lack of such errors means the staff is able to give a superior stay experience to the guests.

Creating Unique Experiences

When guests choose a hotel, they are not just looking for a place to stay. These days, guests expect a complete experience that is tailored to their specific needs and requirements. While some business guests might need high speed Wi-Fi to conduct meetings, and a family traveling with children might want board games and toys in the room to keep the children occupied. By gathering the data on the guests and using that data across the hotel chain’s properties, managers can get a better understanding of what their guests need when they choose a hotel.

The data backed up on the hotel PMS also provides an insight into a similar category of guests that might benefit from the facilities available at the hotel. For example, most business guests would appreciate pickup from and drop to the airport if they are traveling by air. Families will surely appreciate the location of nearby tourist attractions or fun activities in the area.


Hotel industry also needs to change with the times and using advanced software is a great way to keep abreast with the rest of the industry. By using reliable and high quality software for hotel management, managers can improve the performance of their staff while increasing the guest satisfaction all over the board.

The software solutions offered by mycloud Hospitality are designed while keeping in mind the needs of modern hotel properties. From a small B&B to a large chain of hotels, properties of all sizes can benefit from the software solutions provided by the firm. The code idea is to provide customized software that takes into account the present as well as future needs of the property. As the business grows, clients can add to the abilities of the software to meet their level of requirements. This could be anything from adding more dashboards for multiple properties to adding new payment gateways or third party solutions to the software.

If you are curious about how the software can help you, give a call at +1-415-390-5039 to talk to the company’s representatives. You can also browse through for more information.

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