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Hotel Business Optimization with Cloud-Based Property Management System

The hospitality industry has undergone a transformation in recent years. In the aftermath of covid pandemic, more and more businesses learned to leverage available technologies to provide the best services to their clientele. It has all been possible because clients wanted a memorable stay experience at properties that were able to customize the experience to suit the requirements of the clients. Guests that were conscious about their health wanted contactless check-in and minimal interaction with the staff; and hotel PMS was able to provide them all that and much more.

Switching to a cloud-based property management system has been one such improvement for hospitality businesses all over. Even the business owners that were on the fence about using the cloud-based PMS became more receptive towards online PMS as it offered a large number of business benefits compared to on-premise PMS. Here are some of the benefits of using cloud PMS over traditional on-premise PMS

  • It is highly affordable
  • Online PMS offers the latest property management features
  • Managing multiple properties is a breeze
  • Short learning curve for new users
  • High-end security for data in the cloud
  • Detailed reports allow deeper insights into hotel’s performance
  • Real time data updates
  • Accessible from any Internet-enabled modern device

Why Cloud PMS is the Key to Managing Multiple Properties

As a business grows, property managers are required to handle properties in multiple locations. Often, a single person is the authority over various functions of different properties. Whether it is deducing performance from reports, managing inventory, assigning tasks to staff, or setting up room rates depending on requirement; cloud-based PMS is absolutely essential. With a cloud-based property management system, a manager can be on the move, but he can access the dashboard of the PMS and make the required changes.

Another use case is small business owners that are running AirBnB, hostel, or small rental properties and need to manage all these without actually being present on the location. The property managers can manage check-in and check-out of guests, arrange the rooms to get cleaned and much more through a unified dashboard.

Stellar Features of a Cloud Based Hotel PMS

An Online Booking Engine

A booking engine is the best way to create bookings and manage them for your guests without direct inputs from the staff members. The booking engine takes care of every step from showing the most suitable rooms to the guests, accepting payments, finalizing the booking, and sending confirmation emails and texts to the guests. The branding on the booking engine also builds trust with the guests as they know they are dealing with a reputed business.

Automation Powered by Cloud PMS

There are many ways in which the different features of the hotel property can be automated to save time of the staff as well as the guests. From contactless check-in and check-out for the guests to creating property performance reports and much more. The hotel PMS can also set-up a web-app that allows guests to enter their rooms without needing a key from the front desk. The online PMS can take care of all these activities with ease so that the staff is able to pay attention to areas of the hotel that are not performing up to their optimum capacity.

High Degree of Accessibility

In the current times, property managers are often on the move if they need to visit any property that needs their personal attention. By using a cloud-based PMS, they can also handle other properties that are under their care. The cloud PMS is accessible from any modern device that is connected to the internet. Whether it is a laptop, a phone, or a tablet, the dashboard can be accessed and the required changes can be easily made as per the need of the hour. Managers can perform a number of tasks such as changing room rates, managing inventory, assigning tasks to staff and much more.

Secure Payment Processing

Accepting payments from guests in the manner that is secure and fast is a key feature of the cloud-based PMS. Even if a property is using a third party provider for payment processing, the PMS can flawlessly process payments from major banks. Any data transfer that happens between the POS terminal and the payment processor is encrypted to safeguard the information. In essence, the high-end cloud-backed solution for payment processing gives the guests peace of mind that their financial data is secured behind military-grade encryption.

Creating Guest Profiles

This is an exceptional feature of a cloud PMS that it can create guest profiles so that important data about the guests can be saved and shared with the properties that belong to a brand. This helps the hotels in creating an exceptionally personal experience for the guests as they don’t have to mention their preferences when they choose a hotel from a chain. As all data syncs in real time, hotels can instantly know information like meal preferences of the guests, the kind of room they like, and how they like to make their payment.


Finding the best cloud PMS is essential for successful management of a number of properties. It is a great way for businesses to manage properties without hiring a team of employees for every property. By using reliable and robust software, managers can create workflows that suit the needs of each particular property. While some small properties might not need direct attention and other large properties might need in-depth monitoring of various services, all this can be made possible with a cloud-based hotel management system.

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