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A Cloud-based Hotel Reservation System can Help Hotels to Maximize Profits

Hotel managers are always looking for the next big thing in the hospitality industry that will help them in improving their profits. While the industry is a highly competitive business segment, the technology used in the hospitality business also improves greatly with time. The hotels that use modern technology before their competitors surely stand to gain from being the early adopters that can improve guest experiences and create new cash flows for their properties.

Using a cloud PMS for property management has been a game changer for hotels that were using legacy PMS in the past. The various features and functions provided by a cloud-based hotel management system add to the overall capabilities of the hotel staff and give them new tools to improve guest satisfaction.

A central reservation system for hotels is often part of the property management system that the hotel uses but it can also be a stand-alone software from a different vendor. In terms of functionality, a cloud-based hotel reservation system helps hotels to perform a number of tasks such as maintaining hotel inventory, managing guest reservations, managing room rates and much more.

A Central Reservation System is a Must-Have for Hotels in the Age of Online Bookings

As more travelers become savvy with technology, they choose online bookings instead of calling the hotel or choosing a travel agent. Many guests also book accommodation through the hotel’s website where they can often get the rooms at a better price as the middle-party charges are not added to the final cost of the room.

As other guests are often booking accommodation at the same time, hotels need robust and reliable software that will prevent any errors and conduct all data synchronization at lighting speed.

As more and more guests use their mobile devices to book hotel rooms, having an online presence across all booking channels is a must for hotels. Hotels need to capitalize on the trend of online booking by choosing a software that allows them to cater to guests that are looking for accommodation. A cloud-based hotel reservation system is the right choice in such a scenario. Modern software brings speed, safety, and security that hotels as well as the guests can trust. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why hotels need to use a robust reservation system.

– Minimal errors caused by manual operations

– Ideal for group bookings

– Perfect solution for multiple property management

– Instant data sync prevents double booking or overbooking

– Instant cancellation and refunds for guests

– Easy to integrate with third party solutions

– High degree of security for guest and hotel data

Ways in Which a Central Reservation Software Improves Hotel Services

An Amazing Guest Experience

When guests choose a hotel, the CRS can create a guest profile that keeps reservation data in store for future visits by the guest. The hotel can offer guests a superior staying experience by giving them personalized services. A simple example is frequent business travelers that might need a pick-up from the airport on the day of their stay and the hotel can provide the same. When the hotel offers targeted services to guests, they are more likely to choose the hotel for their future visits.

A Unified Data System

The core of a hotel’s business depends on managing data coming in from various systems. A cloud-based hotel reservation system is an ideal location to store, access, and consolidate all the data. As the system is backed by the cloud, all the data synchronization happens in real time. A unified dashboard gives the managers and staff an easy way to access and understand the data related to various properties under the hotel.

A Highly Efficient Process

Efficiency is the name of the game in the hotel business. The CRS ensures that all available rooms show up on the booking channels instantly and any bookings are reflected across the channels with equal speed. Guests can book rooms with ease as they get the latest room rates as per the availability of the rooms. Staff can also set up prices for the weekend or any seasonal events in the hotel’s location.

Automation Adds to Staff Productivity

With a central reservation system for hotels, various functions related with the booking can be automated. Adjusting room rate, changing inventory, managing reservations, all tasks are handled by the software with minimal human intervention. From sending welcome emails to the guests to marketing efforts where regular guests are offered discounts for their stay — all this can also be managed by the software. By automating small and regular tasks, the hotel staff can have more freedom to attend to the guests and handle other duties in the hotel premises.


Finding the right central reservation system for hotels can help managers in improving staff productivity and profitability of the hotel as well. For chain hotels, a central reservation system has become an essential part of their software stack. Managing bookings through various channels becomes an easy task with a reliable reservation system.

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