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Advanced Cloud Software Can Take A Hotel Business to the Next Level

Innovation is the name of the game in the hospitality business. Hotels that offer new and unique services and experiences to their guests will always get ahead of the businesses that do not innovate their services. In the modern times, guest expectations have risen to a new degree and guests demand that hotels use new technology that adds comfort and ease to their stay.

More and more hotels are looking at hotel software to take their business a step ahead of their competition. With the range of cloud hotel management software available in the market, there is something for everyone. While large hotel chains can choose the software that is highly powered and has all the features that they will ever need, smaller hotels can go for software that is customized to meet the needs of their property. The benefit in this case is that business owners can upgrade the software as their business scales. If a hotel goes from having only one property to multiple properties in different locations, they can choose the features they want to use in their software.

Checklist for Choosing a Robust Cloud Hotel Management Software

Here are some of the features that managers should keep in mind when looking for hotel software.

  • Robust data security with military grade encryption
  • Software should work with third party integrations
  • Easy to automation regularly used features
  • Regular updates so that the software grows with the business
  • Extensive reports that showcase the property’s performance
  • Built-in booking engine so guests can book directly
  • Works on any modern hardware
  • Optimized for use on tablets and mobile phones
  • Short learning curve for new users
  • Unified dashboard for multi-property management
  • Quick cloud synchronization for multiple channels
  • Guest profiles to provide a personalized experience

How Can Hotels Leverage the features of a Cloud Hotel Management Software

There are many ways in which managers can create a unique workflow for their property to maximize the features of the hotel software. Let’s look at some of the ways in which hotel managers can put the hotel software to good use.

Save Staff’s Time

The staff has limited time and energy in the hotel and using software to automate functions like sending emails and updating hotel inventory can free up a lot of time for the staff. The staff members can then use this time to improve various areas of the hotel that need their attention. They can also interact with the guests and cater to their needs in a more involved manner.

Improve Guest Experience

For chain hotels, giving guests a unique staying experience at every branch of the property can create a lifelong customer. Once a hotel has details of the guest that includes their preferences, the other properties in the chain hotel can also use that date to create a personalized stay experience for the guest.

While some guests prefer rooms with a view and others might want a food menu that caters to their dietary choices. Hotels can also provide toys and board games for guests that are staying with their children in the hotel. These are the small touches that can create a positive impression of the property in the minds of the guests.

Give Best Room Rates to the Guests

Using a channel manager can help the hotel in giving the best room rates to the guests that are looking for accommodation. A channel manager is the key software that handles everything from inventory records, room rates, customer data and more.

As the data is synchronized in real time, hotel staff can offer amazing room rates to guests that are looking for group bookings or bookings in a busy season. A channel manager is also important as it prevents issues like double booking or overbooking as inventory is synchronized with OTAs in real time.

Create a Positive Reputation in the Market

Cloud hotel management software can be customized as per the needs of the property. Hotels can use their logo and colors of their website on the booking engine to give the guests the satisfaction of knowing that they are dealing with a trusted business. Hotel staff can also use the software to keep track of feedback emails and the mentions of the hotel on the internet.

When guests talk about the hotel on social media in any manner, hotel staff can answer questions, resolve queries or simply post a message of thanks. Small actions like this go a long way in creating a positive reputation in the market as guests feel that their feedback is understood and followed up by the hotel staff.


An accomplished manager will use every trick in the book to ensure that their property is successful in the business and offers an amazing experience to every guest. Managers need to innovate on the fly to ensure their hotel property is ahead of the competition in the market. From small hotels to large hotel chains, the focus is always on the guests and the different ways in which hotels can make repeat customers of their guests.

Using a robust hotel reservation system is the key factor that sets some hotels apart from their competition. At mycloud Hospitality, you can find an award-winning software suite that is created by professionals with several years of experience in the field of hospitality. The software is designed to have an easy learning curve so that anyone with basic knowledge of computers can use this software. Hotel managers can also customize the software to suit the exact needs of the property. The software solutions offered by mycloud Hospitality are used in 40+ countries all around the world by more than 2000 properties.

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