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Touchless Hotel Self-Check-in Software: New Business Differentiator

Touchless – this has become an integral element of the standard operating procedures of the hospitality industry across the world. The credit goes to none other than Covid-19. The recent development has pushed IT vendors focusing on the industry to evolve their hotel management software, also known as PMS (Property Management Software), with the inclusion of self-check-in feature.

Learn how hotel self-check-in software contribute to the business success:

#1. Improves Guest confidence

The high infectivity of Covid-19 has shattered the confidence of travelers, and they are highly sensitive about hygiene and personal safety, particularly, when traveling or staying away from their homes.

Their hotel booking criteria now has cleanliness as an important factor. It’s evident from the guest review and rating parameter’s value. Take a look at the pic below, the cleanliness stands as one of the vital components in choosing a hotel room.

Hotel self-check-in software shift the conventional check-in process from offline to online. The process that involved physical collection of identity and address proof documents by the hotel staff is becoming a thing of the past. Guests can seamlessly record their documents, fill details, make payment transactions through a human-less reception kiosk, and get keys to access their rooms. A positive review about their touchless experience can help you get more bookings.

#2. Helps Meeting Covid-19 Guidelines

Health regulators across the world have enforced health and safety measures for the safety of guests and staff from Covid-19. The investment in hotel self-check-in software technology helps you meet their guidelines. It reveals not just your seriousness in stopping the spread of infection but also care for your staff who work hard to ensure you reach your business objectives.


#3. Reduces Operational Cost

Replacement of the conventional reception counter with the digital contactless reception kiosk installed with a hotel self-check-in application as shown above is a great way to reduce the operational cost as businesses do not need to recruit professionals to handle check-in tasks.

If they already have, they can make them focus on other important tasks or can invest that capital in improving the guest experience further. In the post Covid-19 era, cutting down operational cost is one of the key priorities of the hospitality businesses to contain the financial damage incurred by the pandemic.

#4. Saves Time

The touchless hospitality solution speeds up the check-in process as it works on automation. The documents and details provided by the guests are authenticated automatically with the back-end database. Besides, the automated self-check-in also helps with improving accuracy or checking any human-led error that may unnecessarily delay the process and affect the guest experience.

#5. Gets Business Intelligence (BI)

Improved digitalization with the best hotel management software helps with collecting the guest experience data from the guest’s 360-degree lifecycle – check-in to check-out. Your guests engage with front office, housekeeping, food and beverage, engineering and maintenance, accounts and credits, and security departments. A seamless integration of all these departments will help you collect a significant amount of actionable data. Understand the demands and expectations of guests. Use BI to improve your processes and make it more relevant to the guests.

#6. Combats Frauds

Touchless hotel check-in software equipped with AI, cryptography and QR code can help you to combat counterfeiting documents produced as identity or address proof. It’s important for the safety of your hotel to allow only legitimate guests to stay in your hotel rooms. Moreover, it’s your responsibility towards the community you operate in to not allow your property to be used for illegal affairs only.

The adoption of best hotel software along with touchless check-in process should not be limited to Covid-19. In fact, it has become a key business differentiator and inseparable part of guest experience.

If you are yet to decide on and adopt the right technology, get in touch with mycloud Hospitality Solution. If you are already using our solution, comment your experience or queries. We would be glad to respond to them at the earliest.

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