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Reservation Software for Hotels Can Maximize Bookings

The key factor that differentiates a profitable hotel business from hotels that struggle to meet their financial goals is judicious use of modern technology. Even today, there are many hotels that use third party channels to get customers and make bookings while savvy managers have upgraded their hotels to their self-branded reservation software for hotels.

Using a reservation software brings a world of benefits for the hotels and it can easily put a property ahead of the competition in the market. Whether it is creating a positive image in front of the guests or offering the prospective customers a unique booking experience, a hotel reservation software can do it all and much more.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the reasons why a reservation software for hotels is essential for any hospitality business that wants to excel in the competitive market.

Trust – A reservation software builds trust in the mind of the prospective guests by providing them with the branding of the hotel at the forefront of the software. Guests know that they are dealing directly with the hotel instead of a third party that will book the accommodation for them.

Better Prices – As the reservation software for hotels removes the expense paid to an intermediary party from the process of booking a hotel room, the hotels can pass on the savings to the customers by offering discounts and cheaper room prices compared to the competitors.

Customization – If you are running a small hotel, you can customize the reservation software as per the needs of your property and the same software can be customized for a large hotel as per their requirements. The scalability of the software is a winning feature that you should look for when choosing such a software.

Automation – Another key reason why hotel reservation software can give your business an edge in the market is the automation features. Once a room is booked, it is taken off the inventory to prevent double booking through any other channels. You can also set the prices of the rooms as per your requirement and have the same price reflected on all OTA channels. As soon as the hotel gets the contact information of the guests, an automated email can be sent to welcome the guests and provide them with the details of their booking and stay information.

Information Security – When guests book a room through a hotel reservation system, they can rest assured that their personal information will be secure and not shared with a third party. The payment gateway connected to the reservation software ensures the payments are processed quickly, there are fewer errors or delayed payments.

What are the best hotel reservation systems?

The best reservation software for small hotels is the one that fits your budget and requirements. There are tons of software solutions available in the market and choosing a single system can often be a difficult task. Here are some things you can keep in mind when you go looking for a hotel reservation system.

● Cloud compatibility is a must for any software to make it accessible through various devices. You can also scale such a software as per the needs of your business. When a software has a cloud backend, it is easy to upgrade without needing to change the hardware at the client’s location.

● Choose a software solution that is compatible with the PMS of your hotel. Once the reservation system is integrated with the PMS, information like guest data can be automatically updated instead of requiring manual inputs.

● A user-friendly design of the reservation software can be helpful in creating a seamless design experience with your hotel website. Customers should feel at ease while booking a room from the hotel website and using a design that is similar to the hotel website is an essential part of earning the trust of customers.

● As the guests largely use their mobile phones to search for and book hotels, the software should also offer mobile device compatibility. There are several design factors that add to ease of browsing on a mobile device and the software design should focus on these factors.

● Catering to international guests is something that every hotel manager should keep in mind. The best reservation software for small hotels should also have language and currency conversion functionality so guests can easily complete the booking.

● Analytics are the lifeblood of any hospitality business. Look for build-in analytics and reporting that offer you data points for a better understanding of hotel’s performance and guest preferences.

● Security is essential for any system that deals with the critical information such as guest addresses and their financial information. A reservation software should store this information in a safe and secure manner.

● Customer support from the software provider is also an attractive feature that is useful in providing training, support, and onboarding for the hotel team.

Summing Up

When you look for a hotel reservation system make sure that it is highly customizable and flexible. The best reservation software for small hotels will not be a drain on the budget and also offer a shorter learning curve. What’s more, you can customize the software as per your hotel’s requirements. The software is designed with the end-user in mind and it is easy to learn. Best part of using this software suite is that you can use it on any modern hardware.

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