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How to Run a Short-Term Apartment Rental Business

If you’re interested in renting short-term apartments, you might be wondering if (and how) such a thing is possible in the Airbnb era.

Airbnb is dominating the short-term rental space with its peer-to-peer model. On the other end, the hotel industry remains the “go-to” solution for shorter stays.

The key is finding your way into that cozy niche between Airbnb and the hotel industry, a daunting task for sure. Don’t lose hope; this niche is the perfect place for “apartment hotels” to flourish. Managed apartment rental companies are seeking to combine the comfort and convenience of an apartment with the service offerings of a hotel in a short-term rental capacity.

Where do you begin if you want to enter this space, and what can you learn from the hotel industry and Airbnb? Let’s take a look.

Airbnb vs hotels

A quick Google search of “Airbnb vs. hotels” yields more than 7.1 million results featuring pricing and convenience comparisons between the industry’s primary players. Airbnb continues to grow year over year, and shows no signs of slowing down.

It’s here to stay in the travel and accommodation space, and for good reason. Travelers, as it turns out, enjoy staying somewhere that feels homey while granting access to a kitchen, comfortable furniture, and space to spread out.

That’s a win for you, if you’re in the apartment rental business. If you run a hotel, don’t look away. Chances are other hotels in your industry are taking notice of this trend, and adjusting to meet market demands.

Not every hotel manager or business enjoys—or has time for—the back and forth of messaging individual apartment owners, dealing with unique access and instructions for each unit, and limited rental dates.

That’s where apartment hotel companies come in. They’re filling a niche created by traveler demand and business need, and you can learn from what they’re doing to stay competitive.

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