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How to Engineer a Human Touch into a Digital Customer Experience?

“If human interaction is what drives emotionally meaningful customer experiences, how do we compete in a digital future?”

IT industry has dramatically evolved customer expectations in the last 10 years with businesses finding smart ways to utilize the need of digital customer experience. While enduring the innovation of new technology, business still stay focused on the human factor for customer who need access to customer service agents & convenience. New innovation can boost both agent-assisted and self-service interactions.

Now it’s time to analyze the role and effect of new innovation in each stage of our lives. Most of the accommodation properties are now quickly becoming completely automated, so it’s important to understand how this technology affects our guest.

In this blog post, you will learn how to engineer a human touch when it comes to enhancing a digital customer experience. Continue reading to learn the best ways to ensure the ultimate satisfaction of your guests and achieve success.

Human touch in the digital world

Guest expectation toward technology is significantly changes, so businesses are trying to use technology in every possible way to both facilitate their operations and to achieve desired guest satisfaction.  But, that doesn’t mean that the staff should be ignored. In-fact, it is strongly suggested to understand just how important human factor (staff) is important for guest experience.

According to one of most influential research & advisory firms Forrester, companies should put human needs over technology”, bring “innovation into the heart of the business,” rely on Key Performance Indicators that make sense to “what you are trying to achieve,” and “strike a balance between customer needs and those of staff and society”.

Even though it is not possible to precisely forecast the future innovations in the world of technology, it is evident that artificial machines are replacing humans (employees) in many operations. With the recent innovation in artificial intelligence few hospitality businesses are already started shifting from human employees to robots.

It is clear that, it is perhaps safe to presume that interaction preference will still be humans instead of chat-bots or robots as nothing can replace the emotion, empathy and compassion. Which robots are incapable of, from this Point of view “human interaction is irreplaceable and it is what drives emotionally meaningful customer experiences”.

Digital Factors affecting customer experience

There are number of innovation technologies that are designed to automate operations and to exceed overall guest experience. For example: To get insights about their guests and improve their online presence and reputations, Hotel managers rely on Hotel reputation systems.

Another example for digital transformation is a property management system which is an important part of hotel operations and offers a wide range of functionalities like integrated website booking engines, invoicing & billing, F&B operations, housekeeping, revenue management and more.

Cloud based Hotel Property Management System are gaining popularity from last few years. Cloud PMS has turned out to be a great solution for all kinds of hospitality business from small guest House to brand chain Hotels.

It is clear that options to improve the customer experience digitally are limitless and there is multiple software system designed especially to deli ever a seamless guest experience.

To conclude, engineering human in digital world is the key factor to enhance guest experience. The best option is the right mix between technology and humans. Even though managers rely technology to fulfill client desire, the human connection cannot be ignored. The quality of staff interactions with your guests will impact how they will rate your customer service.

Also, Managers have to realize that the goal of new innovative technologies is to contribute to the overall business success, without replacing human interaction. Digital factors add up to the experience of the guests, while human factors turn a great experience into an even better one.

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