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How to Do Hotel Marketing on Social Media

Marketing your hotel on social media depends on a lot of how will you interact with the audience on these platforms. From creating a fan base for your hotel to engaging with them on social platforms require planning & a constant effort. Even before planning and effort, it is critical to realize to be creative and come up with ideas with which one can build a loyal audience.

Over the recent years, social media has gained enormous attention for almost all the industries. However, understanding which social media platform will do wonders for your hotel is a hard nut to crack. Well, you may be thinking of many ideas of how you can market your property on social media, we have enlisted some of the quick starters for marketing your hotel on social media.

  1. Posts about recent launch of a service or a product at your hotel.

If you have recently owned a new property or have renovated an already established hotel, it is required that you post about it on social media, get a photo shoot done with your property and post it on your Facebook, Twitter and other social handles. Try posting about new services or products like fitness clubs, yoga center and other.

  1. Tweet or blog about travel tips

When it comes to conversations, Twitter is a platform you can use to communicate with your target audience. You can engage the audience by sharing travel tips during a specific season or share something about must visit places near your property or the city your property is in.

  1. Run Contests on Social Media

Who does not love to win and get awarded, when it comes to running on contests on social media, make sure that you post a beautiful post about the contest and announce the prizes to be won. Also, try to engage the audience with simple yet engaging tasks with your hotel.

  1. Client Testimonials on social media

When someone visits your hotel, he will start building memories in the form of experiences he has while his stay in your hotel, try to get testimonials from the customers staying in your hotel, especially the happy customers and post them on social media or even ask them to tweet about your hotel. This adds credibility with other potential customers.

  1. Team Behind the Scene

It is not just the property, the place and the services which value the most, it is equally important for customers to see the people associated with the property, on your hotel’s website, place images of the activities in which your staff is involved. Try to embed emotional quotient which people can relate to.

  1. Media & PR

If your property was listed in any local or national news, make sure to capitalize it on social media.

Last but not the least, remember when someone visits your hotel, no one wants an uneasy environment or want to compromise on the emotional quotient, so include fun facts, activities, offer upgrades and use all of these to promote your hotel on social media.

Once you are in the process of marketing your hotel on social platforms, it is also important to measure and track the online reputation of your property, use a Property Management Software which is integrated with social sites and can help you track your hotel’s online reputations.

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