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How to Choose a Channel Manager Software for Small Hotels

The field of hospitality business is a highly competitive space. What makes this business segment even more challenging is the fact that small hotels are often competing for business with large hotel chains that have higher marketing budgets at their disposal. For a small hotel operating in India, a channel management software for hotels is a must so that they can sell their rooms across a variety of different channels.

The best channel manager for small hotels in India can give the hotels a boost they need to compete against large hotel chains. A channel manager offers extensive flexibility to the hotels as they can change room rates in bulk, close sales, and offer discounts while all the changes happen in real time. Hotels can also display their inventory across various online travel agents, tour operators, travel agents, and more on a local and international level. A channel manager also ensures that guests see the prices of rooms in their local currency while keeping in mind currency fluctuations and exchange rates as well.

If you are running a small hotel in India and you are ready to take your hotel property’s profits to the next level by catering to an international clientele, then you need the best channel manager for small hotels in india. Here are some questions you should ask before you look for a channel management software for hotels in India.

What Kind of Connectivity Does the Software Provide?

The software should offer extensive connectivity so that the changes made from the hotel’s end happen in real time at all channels. Whether you make changes to the prices of the rooms or availability of the rooms in the inventory, faster synchronization means there are less chances of overbooking or double booking of the rooms. You also need to keep in mind the API connection and synchronization options offered by the software.

What Kind of Third-Party Compatibility Does the Software Provide?

The software should also offer compatibility with third party providers for payment processing or currency conversions. Third party compatibility is a must to ensure a streamlined workflow where you don’t have to change the systems that are already in place. A channel manager should also work with your existing property management system as well as your direct booking engine.

What Kind of Pricing Model Does the Channel Manager Provide?

Is the pricing of the channel manager a one time fee or is it a subscription model? You also need to find out if the pricing of software will change as your business grows and you start booking more customers from all over. These financial concerns should be made clear before you make your mind up about using the software.

What Kind of Support is Provided for the Users?

You need to know if the software provider offers 24×7 support to the users. Is the onboarding process short or long? If there is detailed documentation provided for users for features of the software as well as for troubleshooting. Is the support call-based, email-based or text-based? All these questions need answers before you choose the channel manager software to run your business.

What Kind of Data Security Does the Software Provide?

The information handled by the channel manager is often sensitive in nature. Whether it is guest information, information about pricing or number of occupied and vacant rooms. The software needs strict security measures in place to make sure the data is secure from hacking or phishing attacks. High degree of security measures that comply with modern standards is a must for any software that handles customer and hotel data.

What Kind of Automation Does the Software offer?

Automation is one of the must-have features in any modern software. There are various metrics that often change in the hotel industry and the software should be able to work on predefined instructions to change prices depending on the availability of the rooms. The software should also be able to offer discounts and freebies to new or returning customers as per the hotel’s policies. Automation not only saves the time of the hotel staff, but it also ensures customers are more enticed to choose the hotel for their stay.

What Kind of Reports are Available in the Software?

Creating regular reports is an excellent feature that can make a software best channel manager for small hotels in India. You should be able to decide the type of performance reports you want on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Regular reports can help you in understanding the various areas where the property is performing well and which areas need your attention. With a channel manager’s reports, you can focus on improving the various facets of the property with ease.


Finding the right channel manager software can help a hotel in improving their reach in the market. In today’s business environment, guests from all over the world are looking for comfortable and affordable accommodation. From holidays to business travel, as long as the hotel is able to advertise their services to the right customers, they can make great profits in the business.

At mycloud Hospitality, you can find the ideal channel manager for your hotel business as well. The software suite offered by the firm is designed while keeping the needs of the clients in mind. With a short learning curve and a highly customizable offering, mycloud Hospitality brings the ease of doing business to small hotels as well. Backed by powerful cloud technology, highly customizable and secure, the software offerings from the company are used by businesses of all sizes all over the world.

If you have a hotel business in India and you are looking to improve your profits as well as your reach in the market, schedule a demonstration of the mycloud Hospitality software suite today. GIve a call at +1-415-390-5039 for more information. You can also browse through for more information.

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