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How Can Hotels Adopt a Guest Focused Approach in their Properties

The world of hotel technology keeps changing and the business owners that stay with the changing times will surely get ahead of their competition. Today, travel has become an essential for global as well as local travelers and more people than ever are expected to travel in the coming year. According to a report, global travel is set to increase by 30% in 2023. Guests are looking for an experience and simply providing them with a comfortable stay is not enough in today’s times. Hotels need to focus more and more towards the needs and requirements of the guests if they want to be a preferred property for the guests and the first choice of frequent travelers.

Whether you are running your hotel on a legacy PMS or using pen and paper for hotel management, it is high time that you upgraded your hotel’s management needs to a web-based hotel PMS. There are several advantages of using a cloud hotel PMS and the biggest advantage is that the software can scale along with your business. As you expand your business, you can also upgrade the software with new and enhanced features that will keep your hotel at par with the latest and greatest in the industry. Using a cloud PMS will also add to the productivity of the staff as they will have more time to attend to guests.

Here are a few advantages of using a cloud hotel PMS to create a guest-centric property.

●    Contactless check-in and check-out

●    Keyless entry to rooms through a web-app

●    AI and chatbots to answer common questions of guests

●    Personalized services for guests with shared guest profiles

●    Guests’ data is stored safely in the cloud

●    Direct messaging with the guests offers a personal touch

●    Automated emails to get feedback from guests

Advanced Hotel PMS Technology is the Key to Satisfied Guests

Understanding the needs and requirements of the guests is the first step that any hotel should focus on. It is only normal for guests to expect a comfortable and safe stay, but these days guests want only the best experience for their stay at the hotel. Whether it is a hotel, resort, AirBnB or any other type of accommodation, giving the guests a superior experience should be the primary aim of every property owner. Here are some ways in which hotel owners can use a cloud hotel PMS to enhance the staying experience of their guests.

Mobile First Approach

In today’s times, a mobile first approach is essential for any hotel property. Guests often use only their phones to search for and book a hotel. Hotel managers can provide guests with the option of keyless entry through a web-app on their phone and web-based check-in, they’d surely appreciate this facility. Mobile services can also include AI and chatbots that offer direct information to the customers for any queries that they might have.

Better Prices for Guests

Finding the best deal on a hotel room can make guests choose your hotel time and again. By using a cloud PMS that connects to OTA and distribution channels, you can update room prices across all channels in real time. The flexibility offered by web-based hotel PMS can help you to present the best prices to the guests for their accommodation needs.

Less Errors in Booking

Booking errors can be an awkward situation for the staff as well as guests. With a reliable web-based hotel PMS any such errors can be avoided. The PMS keeps in sync with the booking channels to prevent overbooking or double booking of a room in the hotel. As all information is managed by the software, there are less chances of errors due to manual data entry.

A Personalized Stay

Maintaining guest profiles is a key feature of a cloud-based PMS. As the software keeps a record of the guest preferences, guests can expect the staff to understand their preferences when they visit any hotel from the same chain. While some guests have specific requirements for their meals others have needs like conference halls or high-speed WiFi for video conferencing. By using a cloud hotel PMS, hotel staff can stay up to date with the information about the guests.

If you are looking for a cloud PMS for your hotel property to make the property a guest centric location. Here are some of the features that you should look for.

  1. Integration with the existing software stack
  2. Regular updates to the cloud PMS
  3. Enhanced security for the data stored in the cloud
  4. Options for customization as per the hotel’s needs
  5. Customer support for users
  6. The PMS should be able to scale with the business growth
  7. Minimal downtime while updating
  8. Fast speed of uploading or downloading data
  9. PMS can be operated from any cloud connected device


Choosing a capable cloud PMS is the first step towards creating a property that keeps the interests of the guests as the top priority. Once the guests understand that the staff is there to cater to their every need, they are more likely to choose the property for future visits. At mycloud Hospitality, you can access a software suite that is designed while keeping in mind the needs and requirements of modern hoteliers and property managers. The software offers a high degree of customization and hotels can use it as per their operational capacity.

Through the years, the software provided by mycloud Hospitality has been used by hotel owners all over the world. The software has also won several awards and accolades in the industry for being user friendly and highly adaptable to the needs of hotels of any size. To learn more about the complete features offered by the software, please browse through You can also call +1-415-390-5039 to schedule a free demonstration of the software and get set to use the software suite in as less as four hours. Get in touch today!

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