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Finding the Right Hospitality Software Company is the Key to Business Success

Changes are a part of the business in the hospitality industry. Savvy managers understand the speed at which the business moves and they are always looking for the next trend in the hospitality world so that their property is at par with the competition. Managing a modern hotel requires a dynamic approach that is tailored to the specific needs of the hotel. There can be no one size fits all solution to managing hotels and using hospitality management software is an essential part of the solution to solving the puzzle of modern hotel management.

In current times, finding the right hospitality software company is not an easy task as many companies are offering their services to hotels looking for reliable software. Needless to say, there are pros and cons to every software and if the hotel managers don’t know what they are looking for, there is always the risk that they will end up paying for a software that has more features than what they need. Here are some points that hotel managers need to keep in mind when they approach a hospitality software company.

  • Does the software offer extensive customization to suit the needs of the business?
  • Does the software work well with third party integrations?
  • Does the company provide 24/7 customer care?
  • Does the software offer data safety through high-grade encryption?
  • Does the software offer provision to scale as the business grows?
  • Does the software provide extensive and in-depth reports about business performance?

Ideally, managers should do in-depth research before finalizing on a hospitality management software that will be the foundation of their hotel’s performance. The software should be easy to use for regular staff and there should be a short learning curve for new users. Most of all, the software should suit the exact needs and requirements of the business.


A Quick Look at Some of the Features that are a Must in Any Hospitality Software

  • Optimized for Different Devices – As a cloud connected hotel software, the interface should be clearly visible on various devices such as mobiles, tablets, laptops, and more. Often, managers might use a tablet to assign tasks to housekeeping staff who’d get the alert on their mobile phones. When the software is optimized for all devices, it is much easier to get work done from any device that is connected to the internet.
  • Simple Interface – The interface of the software should be such that all information can be understood at a glance. Whether it is a single hotel or a chain of hotels, the software should provide the required information to the users in an easy to understand manner. The information should be available in as few clicks as possible and the software should be fast in providing this information to the users.
  • Automation – One of the biggest benefits of using modern software is the ability to automate various functions such as sending emails or welcome texts to guests. The software can be programmed to send emails based on templates so that it saves the time and effort of the staff members. The emails can start from sending a welcome email and then can be further continued into sending offers and coupons to guests for future stays. These emails can also contain important information such as location of the hotel or important destinations near the hotel that guests can check out.
  • Housekeeping Dashboard – Housekeeping department is one of the most crucial parts of a hotel’s workforce. The hospitality management software should allow the housekeeping staff to quickly get alerts of the tasks assigned to them and they can mark the tasks as complete once they are done. As the check-out information is synchronized with the dashboard in real time, the cleaning duties can be assigned to the housekeeping staff instantly and the room can be up on the available inventory in no time.
  • A Reliable Booking Engine – With a booking engine that has the hotel’s branding, it becomes easy for guests to book a room directly with the hotel. An online booking engine gets the information from the guests and sends the information to the PMS that created the reservation. As the information is entered into the system by the guests, there is no scope of any errors. Guests can also get better rates for the rooms as they don’t pay any middleman commissions.
  • Performance Measurement – Measuring the performance of a hotel is one of the keys to understanding if the hotel is doing well in the business year by year. The reporting feature of the software can create unique reports for users in the time period chosen by them so that the managers can see the data and understand which parts of the hotel need a focused push for improvement.


At mycloud Hospitality, hotel managers can find a stellar software suite that is used by hotels all over the world. This award-winning software is designed by hospitality industry professionals with many years of experience. The focus in the creation of the software is to provide the end-users with an easy and efficient way to manage their property. The modern features of the software are ideal for use in small hotels as well as large hotel chains. The best part is that hotels can customize the software as per the needs of their property. If a manager needs only certain functions and features of the software, they can pick and choose the features to make the software add to their existing workflow.

The software services offered by mycloud Hospitality, add to the efficiency of the business and help in increasing customer satisfaction across various services of the hotel.

You can call +1-415-390-5039 for more information about the complete set of services offered by the software. You can also schedule a free demonstration that will showcase the abilities of the software suite. Please visit to check out the software’s features.

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