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Challenges Faced by Hotel Chains and Solution that can Improve their Profits

In the world of hospitality, managing a single property can often be a difficult task. When it comes to managing multiple properties in a hotel chain, hotel managers need to use high-end software solutions. The challenges and difficulties posed by multiple properties can be a stress factor for teams that are not well-versed in handling the rush of guests and staff management across the board. Often the hotels in a chain are located in different countries across time zones that poses a unique problem for managers that are responsible for handling these properties.

This is why hotels need to use multi-property management software for hotel chains that is designed while keeping in mind the requirements of hotel chains. It is important to note that managing a hotel chain brings a totally new set of challenges that small hotels or single unit properties do not have to face.

Some of the issues that multi-chain hotels face are:

  • Management of finances
  • Room reservations for groups
  • Staff management
  • Inventory management
  • Creating accurate reports

Without a well-designed hotel management system, it is near impossible to manage all these while ensuring the hotel property stays profitable. Let’s take an in depth look at some of the challenges faced by teams that manage multiple properties in a hotel chain and how hotel software can help in overcoming these challenges.

  • Data Consolidation – Managing the data coming in from various properties in a hotel chain is a tough task. If there are any properties entering the data manually, it can often lead to errors and gaps in the data set. With a hotel management system, the software automatically extracts the data from the PMS and arranges it in easy to understand reports. As the software is powered by the cloud, all data transfer happens in real time and there are no waiting periods for information to reach the management team. This allows the team to take important decisions quickly and resolve problems faster.
  • Training Staff Members – One of the most time consuming activities in multi-property chain hotels is training the staff to use software. Simply getting the staff familiarized with different features of the software can be a difficult task in itself. Using a standard hotel management system is the ideal way to ensure that staff members in all properties of the hotel chain understand how the software works and they are able to produce profitable results after using the software.

Another benefit of using a multi-property management software for hotel chains is the 24/7/365 support from the software provider. It is important to choose a software with a short learning curve so that users can quickly start learning to use the software and offer a similar standard of expertise in all properties of the hotel chain. The staff also needs to learn about the company’s policies and regulations to provide guests with a unified stay experience.

  • Maintaining the Brand’s Image – For a multi-chain property, brand image is everything. Any lapse in performance at one location of the brand reflects badly on all other locations as well. In the age of social media, a hospitality business needs to make sure all customer concerns are handled quickly and the reputation of the brand is spotless on social media. Through a hotel management system, staff can quickly handle the queries of customers and also monitor social media for any mentions of the hotel’s name so that any concerns of the customers can be put to ease immediately.
  • Business Lost to the OTAs – For multi-property hotel chains, the influence of the online travel agencies is something to keep an eye on. Rising commission rates can eat into the hotel’s profits and in the long run it can be a big problem for a hotel chain with multiple properties. Other than the financial impact, OTAs can also influence a guest’s decision to book a hotel by managing a hotel’s profile on the OTA portal. In essence, hotels need to take proactive action and start offering direct booking to the guests through their website so that they can improve their overall profits.
  • Marketing Strategies that Don’t Work – The marketing strategies that worked a few years ago to popularize a hotel have less chances of working in today’s market space. Brands need to come up with new and unique ways to present their property to the customers through social media, word of mouth, and advanced marketing through the use of AI and similar new technologies.

Hotel marketers need to experiment with new digital marketing channels and keep an eye on the trends that can help them capitalize on the moment. Hotels can also use chatbots, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, VR, and much more to ensure their hotel is one of the most savvy places a guest can stay at.

Managers need to make sure that the hotels under their management move with the times and use the latest technology that can help them surpass their competition. Using a multi-property management software for hotel chains can a hotel the perfect solution for the problems they might be facing.


When it comes to managing a chain of hotels, you need software solutions that are designed with this exact purpose. Finding the right software is the key to creating a profitable property that can give you excellent business returns. At mycloud Hospitality, you can find software that caters to the needs of the users. For multi-property management, the software offers robust and reliable performance. The software suite has won awards all over and it can be the perfect fit for medium and large scale chain properties.

If you are keen on learning more about the software, you can give a call at +1-415-390-5039 to schedule a free demonstration at the time of your choice. The team will explain the features of the software, show you a demonstration, and also tell you how your hotel chain can benefit by using the software solutions offered by mycloud Hospitality. Find more by browsing through

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