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Big Data & Its Benefits to Drive Guest Loyalty & Hotel Revenue

Why is hospitality business such a data-rich industry?  
The hotel business is one among those which obliges millions of people daily. It is information-rich industry which captures huge volumes of data, all produced from various systems like online bookings, PMS, POS, and loyalty. It’s presently conceivable to include social media, online review data and other sources of visitor data like service demands & post-stay feedback to the blend.

Where are hotels focusing advancement in response? 

Hotels are trying to flow all data from different systems into a centralized location for future analysis and usage. Hotels then find a system which helps them create a comprehensive guest history, which helps Hoteliers create a unique experience and builds an everlasting relationship. With all client data in a central location, it makes Hotels take a better decision with regards to promoting & customer service.

What is the major challenge when handling data information and hotel systems?  

Most hotels use multiple platforms for their day to day operations like Property Management system, Point-of-sales, Website Bookings, e-distribution, online reputation management, and others. These Platforms are powerful, but they do not connect and share information with one another on their own. This makes it difficult to collate the data to gain insights which can be tackled by subscribing to comprehensive cloud-based Hotel PMS system.

What are the advantages of unified Hospitality platform to best use guest data?

In an increasingly competitive industry, customized actions will make the difference between a normal stay and one that is truly exceptional. A unified system will house all data streams interlinked and create a worldwide guest profile, which can be utilized to make a unique customer journey and guest experience. Accommodation Business needs to get familiar with their guests to deliver personalized, high-quality experiences that today’s guests expect. Hotels have to consider the importance of their communication & services to every guest to increase loyalty & satisfaction.

How can accommodation business increase loyalty & revenue using data intelligence?

By storing guest information in a unified system, hospitality businesses can always stay one step ahead in personalizing the guest experience. Hotels have the opportunity to adjust services when the know guest preferences and the way guest use the hotel like their favorites and dislikes. For example Hotels can offer a special package or deal when you analyze the guest and know when he is traveling and purpose of travel or a warm welcome builds loyalty. This will help business to build a relationship with guests and your profile will start to grow and expand. This will enable a 360-degree view to enable a truly personalized guest experience that drives loyalty & revenue.

How hospitality businesses consolidate the aggregated guest data analytics? 

When Hotels consolidate information gathered from guests in the unified system, they can utilize analytics to the segment as per booking trends, behavior and different factors to uncover their probability to react to promotions & rising travel patterns. It is essential for hoteliers to understand guest preferences, Purchase behavior and benefits potential to increase brand loyalty. Concentrating on wrong guests with wrong promotions reduces profitability. For example, if businesses target guests who are interested to take advantage of spa services, golf & restaurants, rather than guests who only generate room nights, they could significantly increase revenues and profitability.

What is the development of data-driven marketing, when considering the future of hotels?

Innovation in the hospitality business is getting more modern consistently. What’s next? Utilizing machine figuring out how to anticipate future trends in customer behavior and revenue patterns, and how to deal with high volumes of information for more smart handling.

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