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Unlock Profitability in Hotel Business with Central Reservation System for Hotels

In the hospitality industry, making business decisions based on market conditions is extremely important. Managers need to keep an eye on the market and also keep track of their competitors to see how they’re developing their properties and the kind of services they are offering. Being better than the competition is one of the keys to dominating the market and creating a profitable business.

Using modern hotel software becomes a must for savvy hotel managers that are looking to offer better services than their competition. By using a cloud-based hotel reservation system, hotel managers can capture the attention of modern travelers that are looking for the best hotels at the best prices.

A central reservation system for hotels allows the hotel staff to manage their inventory and rates across different channels in real-time. Similar rate management was difficult to achieve with legacy PMS as data transfer speeds were slow, but with cloud computing, all changes happen in real-time at lightning fast speeds. A system backed by the cloud is not only more robust compared to legacy PMS, but it is also much more affordable for the hotel and easy to operate for the staff members.

Importance of Central Reservation System for Hotels

A cloud-based hotel reservation system allows guests to directly book accommodation with the hotel. As the reservation system is powered by the cloud, guests can get the latest room prices as well as inventory. Here are some more benefits of using a central reservation system for hotels.

1) Process Automation – The primary benefit of using cloud software is that it allows for the automation of simple and repetitive tasks, thus freeing up manpower for important tasks around the hotel. Once a guest has booked a room, the system automatically sends a welcome email to the guest with all the necessary information about the stay, the location of the hotel, things to keep in mind, and more. After the guest’s stay is over, the system also sends thank-you and feedback emails to create a better impression on the guests.  With the help of automation, staff can free up their attention to focus on the guests and their unique needs.

2) Error Prevention – Often, human error can lead to problems like overbooking or double booking of rooms. But with modern cloud software such errors can be largely avoided. As the software handles all the tasks related to data entry such as dates of the stay, guest names, check-out timings, inventory and more, the scope of error is greatly reduced. In the hotel business, a smooth and error-free operation means the guests are more likely to choose the property for a repeat visit.

3) Ease of Booking – Using a cloud-based hotel reservation system that’s part of the hotel’s website is an essential part of smoothening the booking process. Guests can book directly from the hotel’s website and make the payments without the need for third party payment processing. If guests can finalize their booking without going to a third party site, they are more likely to choose the hotel for their stay.

4) A Unique Branding Opportunity – A central reservation system for hotels gives the business owners an opportunity to put their own brands and logos on guest-facing interfaces to create a positive impact on the guests. When guests see a familiar logo of the business, they are more likely to trust the business and be at ease while sharing their information with the hotel. Proper branding and a recognizable logo give guests peace of mind that their information is safe and secure.

5) A Personalized Stay Experience – Once a guest has stayed at a hotel and entered their information in the hotel’s software database, hotels can offer guests a stellar experience on their next visit. Information such as meal preferences, room preferences, choice of activities around the hotel and much more can help the hotel staff to give guests a stellar staying experience on every visit. As the information is backed-up in the cloud, all properties in a hotel chain can give the guest a familiar experience

6) Improvement in Staff Performance – A central reservation system allows various hotel departments to work together in a smooth manner. Once the housekeeping staff has cleaned a room and updated the task as done, it can be shown as available in the inventory instantly. Hotel frontdesk can easily manage different kinds of booking with ease whether these are group booking or individual guests. Any upgrades, confirmations or cancellations are also shown on the dashboard in an easy to understand format. With a reservation software, information is better organized which helps the staff to work with each other in a more streamlined manner.


In the highly competitive hospitality business, managers need to use every trick in the book to grab market share for the property they manage. At the same time, managers have to focus on the well-being of the guests that choose their property. Whether it is a small hotel or a chain of hotels, using a hotel reservation system can give your business an edge over your competition. A robust and reliable cloud-based hotel reservation system is essential to maintain a positive reputation of your business property in the minds of your guests.

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