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Upgrade Your Hotel Property with a Web-Based Hotel PMS

Every day in the hospitality business brings new challenges with it. Hoteliers are often working on multiple fronts to make sure their staff is productive, the hotel property is well-maintained, and the guests are satisfied with their services. With a range of activities going on in a hotel, managing everything can be a herculean task on the best of days. This is why hotel managers need a robust and reliable software solution on their side to make their job more manageable.

Using a cloud PMS has become an essential part of the job for managers that want to run their hotel properties with an extreme degree of discipline and with an eye on the profits, too. The best cloud-based hotel PMS comes with a range of features that can be customized to suit the needs of the hotel property.

Every property has unique needs from a software solution and without customization there is no one solution that suits everyone’s needs. Hoteliers need to ensure that the software is suitable for their work flow and they are able to tweak the software for maximum productivity of their team. An easy example would be the difference in needs of a small hotel that operates in a popular tourist destination versus a large hotel chain that has an international presence.

Top Benefits of Using a Web-Based Hotel PMS

● Easy to modify the software to meet the demands of a growing business
● Automation saves time so that the staff can focus on improving guest experience
● Data management makes information analysis more efficient
● Create database of guest preferences to offer them a personalized stay experience
● Better inventory management helps to improve revenues
● Real time data synchronization brings greater efficiency to hotel management
● Best cloud-based hotel PMS reduces reliance on physical media for storage of data
● Data on the cloud is backed up and secured by high-level security measures
● Cloud PMS offers an easy learning curve for the staff members
Web-based hotel PMS offers a unified dashboard for staff management

How Cloud PMS can Solve the Common Problems faced by Hotels

1) Problem – Reduced Staff
In the wake of the covid pandemic, many hotels have still not recovered to their full staff strength. Hiring and training new staff members can often be a cumbersome process while managing all the tasks in the hotel with fewer staff members is a nightmare on its own. At times, due to cost-cutting efforts, most hotels also need to work with fewer staff members as well.

Solution – Automation
Many functions at the front desk and in the hotel can be automated by using web-based hotel PMS. From check-in and check-out to sending welcome and feedback emails to guests, the software can take care of all these activities with little human input. Using automated responses also means the existing staff has more time to give attention to the areas of the hotel that need their inputs.

2) Problem – Housekeeping Duties
Housekeeping can be a tough to manage task in hotels that have a lot of rooms. Often rooms are added to the inventory as soon as a guest leaves and the rooms need to be cleaned immediately so that new guests can check-in. If the staff duties are not assigned on-time, it can lead to confusion and delay in cleaning the rooms.

Solution – Housekeeping Task Dashboard
By using a cloud PMS it is easy to assign tasks to the housekeeping staff and they are alerted on their mobile devices immediately. The managers can also keep an eye on the rooms that are marked as clean by the staff so that these can be given to the new guests immediately. Staff can access the dashboard from their phones and also put in requests for cleaning supplies as needed. In all, using a web-based hotel PMS adds next level efficiency to the task of housekeeping.

3) Problems – Lack of Repeated Guest Visits
Getting guests to choose your property for a repeat visit can be quite a task at times. If the guests don’t like even a single thing about the property, they are less likely to visit again. From their stay to the food to the behavior of the staff, all things matter when creating a unique experience for the guests.

Solution – Creating a Personalized Experience for Guests
Using the best cloud-based hotel PMS is the ideal way to create a unique and personalized stay experience for the guests. Guests can mention any special requests they might have when booking the room and the PMS will keep these guest demands at the forefront so that the staff can provide the same to guests. These requests can be anything from dietary preferences, choosing a room with a view, or a room on the ground or upper floors. Once staff follows up to the guest requests, guests are more likely to choose the property for their next visit.

Finding the best cloud based hotel PMS is the most critical step that a hotel manager can take to enhance guest experience, increase staff productivity, and improve the profits earned by the property. At mycloud Hospitality, hoteliers get access to the award-winning software suite that is designed by a team of hospitality industry professionals with many years of experience in the field. The software suite has won several awards and the service of mycloud Hospitality are used by clients all over the world.

The software offers solutions for clients that are looking to automate their hotel services and offers their clients with superlative services. The intuitive design of the software is created while keeping the end user in mind so that the learning curve is as small as possible. If you want to take your hotel business to the next level, it’s time to switch to mycloud Hospitality. Call +1-415-390-5039 to schedule a free demonstration or visit for more information.

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