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Top Hospitality Trends that can Create Profits for Hotels

As the hospitality industry bounces back on its feet in the aftermath of the covid pandemic, hotel managers need to ensure their properties are ready for guests. The industry trends change fast and keeping up with the trends is critical for any business that wants to get ahead of their competition. The key is to use software for hospitality industry to manage the everyday tasks in the hotel premise so that the staff can use their time for more important tasks.

Finding the right hotel software company to provide such a service is essential as the company will provide updates for the software as well as support in case the hotel staff has any queries. A hotel software company that can help to customize the software as per the needs of the client is also a great choice.

Creating a brand image for the hotel can be a decisive factor for the guests to choose one property over another. The modern traveler does not shy away from spending money as long as they get the value for their money. After staying inside for nearly two years, people are more keen to travel and they want to travel with all the luxuries and comforts.

The trends followed in the hospitality industry maintain that the focus of the business is shifting to providing a more personalized experience to the guests. More guests are now looking for services that are particularly catered to their needs and requirements. Hotels can use the software for hospitality industry to gather information about their guests and create a unique and personalized stay experience for them. Hotel managers need to keep an eye on the trends that are popular in the hotel industry so that they can give the guests what they need even before the guests mention it.

Let’s take a look at some of the trends in the hospitality industry and how the managers can use the services of a hotel software company to keep up with the trends.

Guests Using Hotels as Business Spaces

For nearly two years, almost all the world was working from home. In the next iteration of working from home, the hotels are the ideal space for remote work. Many traveling businessmen use the hotel space as their office to conduct meetings, give presentations, and finalize deals in a safe and secure environment. Hotels can benefit from this trend by providing guests with presentation spaces, conference rooms, high-speed WiFi for video conferencing and much more.

Hotels can also customize their infrastructure to provide tables with additional plug points, coffee machines in conference rooms, and comfortable seating arrangement to impress the guests that are looking to use the hotel as a temporary office. A short term stay for businesspersons is a lucrative option for those that are looking to use the hotel for only a short time period.

Zero Contact Hotel Stay

Today’s guests are more concerned with their health and well-being than at any other time in the history of the hospitality industry. The hotels have to customize their properties to ensure guests can check-in, stay, and check-out with minimal contact with the staff. The ideal system created by hotels is to use QR codes for bringing up menus in hotel restaurant, web-app based check-in, virtual keycards for room entry and more. Hotels can also use chat-bots to answer guest queries at the front desk. Voice activated assistants in hotel rooms can be used to provide services to guests without the guests needing to call room service.

A hotel software company can help the hotels in creating all these systems and services for the ease of the guests. In the coming years, guests will start to expect such services from the hotels and they will choose properties that guarantee a contactless stay for the guests. It is critical for the hotels to upgrade their systems to ensure they can offer a contactless stay to their guests.

Using Data to Offer Personalized Stay

When every other hotel is offering a generic stay experience to their guests, savvy hotels can start by offering a personalized stay experience. Guests today have unique needs and requirements. Managers can use software for hospitality industry to create guest profiles and mark out data points that are essential for giving guests a unique staying experience. A simple example can be the dietary choices of the guests. Some guests might be allergic to certain foods and hotel staff can make sure the meals offered to those guests do not contain the allergens.

If the guests are traveling with children, hotels can provide toys and board games in the room to keep the children entertained. In a similar case if a guest is elderly or has trouble climbing stairs, they can be given rooms on the ground floor. There are many such cases and by using a robust data management system, hotels can keep the preferences of the guests in mind while catering to their needs.


There are many ways in which hotel staff and hotel managers can make the stay at their property memorable for every guest. One of the first steps is getting a cloud based software for hotel industry that can be customized as per the needs of the property. Along with that, hotels need to choose a reliable company that can be with them every step of the way while using the said software. From the onboarding to the continued customer support, these factors can make or break a company’s services for the customers.

At mycloud Hospitality, you can get a custom cloud based hotel management software that is designed while keeping in mind the needs of the end users. The software suits can be customized as per the size and requirements of your property. The software is easy to use, easy to install and does not require new hardware. You can easily schedule a free demonstration by calling +1-415-390-5039 or you can browse through for more information.

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