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Pay Attention to These Things when Choosing a Hotel PMS

Hotel PMS can be a game-changer for hotels that want to use advanced technology to manage their hotel property. One of the biggest issues that hotels face is finding the right type of hotel PMS that will fulfill their property’s needs but also be within their budget. Often, hotels can’t find a PMS that will work with their existing workflow as there are a number of options available in the market.

There are many hotel software reviews that mention a large learning curve for software. Training employees how to use the PMS software can also be a difficult task and it can take a lot of time for the hotel as well. Keeping all these factors in mind, managers need to check a lot of hotel software reviews of hotel PMS vendors before they finalize the right software for their hotel.

If you are a hotel manager and you are looking for the latest and greatest software for your hotel, here are a few questions you should ask your hotel PMS vendors.

  • What is the cost of the PMS? – Figure out the monthly cost of the PMS and if the features provided are a good match for the price. Most of all, you should see if the price of the PMS is within your budget. Also ensure if the future updates will be provided for free and if there are any plugins for the software that need to be paid for.
  • What kind of data security does the PMS offer? – Security is of the utmost importance for any PMS. Keeping the hotel and guest data on the cloud means the security measures in place should keep the data safe from any hacking or phishing attacks. Different hotel PMS vendors offer varying levels of security and it’s always a good idea to go for a PMS that offers excellent security.
  • How Much Training is Needed to Operate the PMS? – If the PMS is too complex to learn, it will take time and effort for the hotel staff to get familiar with the software. Ideally, training should be not more than a few hours and the software should have a small learning curve. With time, current staff members that get familiar with the software should also be able to teach new staff members how to use the software.
  • How Much Support is Available? – Are the hotel PMS vendors offering 24/7 support for any issues that might arise while using the software? It is a simple fact that the hospitality industry is active 24/7, and if your team hits a snag, you can’t afford to wait for office hours to get the support you need. With around the clock support, you can rest assured that the problems will be solved as soon as they arise.
  • How Often Does the Software Provide Updates? – Regular updates are a must for any modern software. Every day there are new security threats in the online world and important software like PMS should be updated with security patches and software updates to ensure the data handled by the software is protected from hacking or phishing attempts.
  • Does the Software Support Third Party Integrations? – Every hotel has its own unique workflow and using third party software for bookings or payment processing is often a requirement in most hotels. The PMS of your choice should offer easy integration with third party software so that the hotel’s workflow is not interrupted. Make sure you check the hotel software reviews to find out if the software offers support for third party software.

The most important step in choosing a PMS for your hotel is to take time in studying all the options available in the market. Make sure you read multiple hotel software reviews to finally make your mind up about the software that will act as the backbone of your hotel business. Evaluating the pros and cons of software against each other is a good way to figure out which software offers the best value for money.

Hotel PMS vendors often provide free trial of the software so that you can check on your own how the software works for your specific business requirements. By opting for a trial of the software, you can also clear any doubts or questions that you might have about the operation of the software. A trial can be set up in as little as half an hour and it can give you ample insights into how the software will work for your needs and requirements. Keep in mind, when you choose a cloud based PMS, you are essentially banking your hotel’s profits on the software so it makes sense to take your time and choose a software vendor after due research.


Finding the right hotel PMS can be a struggle, but if you know what you need from the PMS, it is easy to make a choice. One of the most important features of a PMS is the customizability of the software to suit the needs of the users. At mycloud Hospitality, hoteliers can find an excellent software suite that is designed while keeping in mind the needs of modern hotels. One of the most reliable hotel PMS vendors, mycloud Hospitality offers their services to clients all over the world.

The software is easy to customize to suit properties that have only a few rooms to chain hotels that are present in multiple locations. The customer care team at mycloud Hospitality is also available 24/7 to help out clients with any issues they might face in the use of the software. The software gets regularly updated to meet the challenges offered by the market and it is the ideal choice for hotel businesses of all sizes. If you are interested in learning more, you can check out You can also call +1-415-390-5039 and schedule a free demonstration of the software at the time of your choice.

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