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How to Increase Ranking of Your Hotel in Tripadvisor

We all know that ranking well in the top travel related websites like TripAdvisor who has crossed 50 million review milestone.

As important as it sounds to be listed in sites like tripadvisor, it is also necessary to rank high in order to get more business for your hotel. Not just that it has also become essential for you to display the property on tripadvisor as many times as possible. Like if you are in the top 20 hotels and you will be more likely on Page 1 on tripadvisor.

You move up in the top 5 hotels and chances are higher for you to be visible to customers looking for a hotel in your city. You go further up in ranking and somehow manages to get into the top 3 hotels league, your hotel gets to be featured in newsletter at no extra cost.

You top the rank in tripadvisor and you will see the bookings flowing in and revenue gets increased rapidly.

Having said that, the biggest question is how do you rank higher in sites like tripadvisor. Well, the answer is pretty simple, you get more reviews, more positive reviews and more frequent reviews and you will be to able maintain the rank or even improve it on the tripadvisor website.

Few factors which determine the ranking on tripadvisor are:

  1. Number of Reviews: More the number of reviews, more chances are your will move up in rankings once you have more positive reviews.
  2. Frequency: This is about being consistent, that whether your property is being reviewed by travelers and how frequent your hotel receive a review, so a hotel should include this in their marketing strategy to send out emails and reach on social media to ask their customer to put reviews on tripadvisor for your property.
  3. Recency- As said before, along with the number of reviews, it is critical on how frequently your hotel receives a review. Be consistent.

All above will help you get the most reviews on tripadvisor, but managing and handling these reviews is critically important, it is also a time consuming process for you to be able to constantly checking on tripadvisor for reviews on your hotel property. This can be solved if you have an integrated PMS solution which can help you track these reviews. If you are not using a PMS which does that, try looking for any cloud-based hotel PMS, it is seamlessly integrated to tripadvisor, and will help you build a great online reputation.

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