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How Cloud PMS Helped Hotels to Resolve Hospitality Issues Caused by the Pandemic

The hospitality industry was one of the most deeply affected business segments in the two years of Covid-19. With travel restrictions and social distancing in place, the hospitality industry had to make advances by leaps and bounds to adopt new technologies and change the ways in which they did their business.

As travel slowly opened up, the demands of the travelers also became more focused than ever before. Travelers expected deeply sanitized properties, contactless operations and a much more personalized travel experience than ever before. One of the key strengths for hotel managers in this new scenario was cloud PMS that helped them to modify and operate their hotels according to the new health guidelines.

In the post covid times, it has become essential for hotels to look to the future and prepare their properties accordingly for their guests. The old ways of property management through pen and paper or on-premise property management are outdated as the hospitality industry itself has become mobile.

Throughout the upheaval in the hotel industry, cloud PMS has been at the core of the hotel operations for managing everything from front desk to housekeeping staff and bookings from various channels. By choosing the best cloud based hotel PMS, property managers were able to find solutions to the problems that arose because of the pandemic and the low business volume because of the travel restrictions all over the world.

Let’s take a look at some of the problems faced by the hotel industry and how they were able to resolve these problems with the help of the best cloud based hotel PMS.

Problem 1 – Lack of Staff

Staff leaving the hotel was one of the first problems that many hotels faced in the initial months of the pandemic. Even as things started to become normal, hotels had to work with reduced staff for many of the regular tasks around the house.

Solution: There are many tasks in the hotel that can be automated by using a cloud PMS. From web check-in and check-out to entering the details of the guests in the database. The software does the heavy lifting when it comes to managing information and creating reports that showcase the performance of the hotel in a given time period. The software can also distribute tasks easily and assign duties to the staff for maximum productivity.

Problem 2 – Slow Volume of International Guests

With the volume of international travel becoming lower than any time in recent history, hotels had to suffer losses. The tourists and travelers found it difficult to get out of their home countries. The restrictions posed on international travel by many countries also made it difficult for hotels to get new guests.


Hotels had to use their properties to make space for local guests or travelers within their country that were looking for new places to work from or visit on a staycation. With the help of a cloud PMS, hotel managers were able to learn about guest requirements and provide them with conference halls, high speed WiFi, free coffee, plug points for charging devices and much more.

Problem 3 – Social Distancing for Staff and Guests

Social distancing and cleanliness not only became an essential part of the hotel experience but these were the demand of the customers that were looking for a safe and healthy stay. Hotels had to ensure all points of guest staff interaction were as few as possible.


With a hotel management system, hotels can put systems in place that allow customers to scan QR codes and perform a number of tasks such as calling the front desk, downloading food menus, making payments, using a web app as room key, and much more. The uses of a scannable code are limited only to the imagination of the staff.

Problem 4 – Getting Repeat Bookings

With the immense competition in the market and reluctance to travel on part of many guests, it is a challenge for any hotel to get repeat bookings from guests. With the pandemic raging for nearly two years, this task became even more difficult as guests were seeking a hotel stay that would be safe and memorable for them.


By creating guest profiles and learning about the spending habits or the unique requirements of the guests, hotels can give their guests a superior stay at their property. There are some guests with food allergies and if that is mentioned on a guest’s profile, the hotel can ensure the guest gets food that is safe for them. Another way that hotels can earn guest loyalty is by catering to special needs of the guests such as board games and toys for guests that are traveling with the kids.


Finding the best cloud based hotel PMS is the most critical step that a hotel manager can take to improve the profits earned by the property. At mycloud Hospitality, hotel managers get access to the award-winning suite of software that is designed by a team of hospitality industry professionals with many years of experience in the field.

The software offers solutions for clients that are looking to automate their hotel services and offers their clients with superlative services. The intuitive design of the software is created while keeping the end user in mind so that the learning curve is as small as possible. If you want to take your hotel business to the next level, it’s time to switch to mycloud Hospitality. Call +1-415-390-5039 to schedule a free demonstration or visit for more information.

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