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Features That Make Cloud Hotel PMS A Must for Modern Hotels

In any business, moving with the times is essential to keep the business profitable. Business managers need to keep an eye on the prevailing trends in the market so that they can improve their business to meet and exceed the demands of the market. This thinking applies even more strongly in the hospitality business. Hotels need to be at the cutting edge of innovation to maintain profitability in this highly competitive business segment. Many hoteliers go out of business because they keep hanging on to old technology and outdated methods of catering to their guests.

Modern hotels use the best cloud-based property management software to upgrade all facets of their hotel property. From improving guest experience to adding to the productivity of the staff, using technology can take a property to the next level of success. For property managers that are not using cloud software as their hotel PMS, this is the right time to change the way they manage their hotel property. Here are some reasons why cloud based hotel PMS is an excellent way to manage the hotel property as well as the staff.

  • New users can learn to operate the software with ease
  • High-end encryption for data security
  • Cloud software is accessible on any internet-enabled device
  • Cloud PMS works with any modern hardware
  • Managers can get detailed performance reports
  • Regular updates keep cloud software secure
  • Customization options for small properties as well as hotel chains
  • Guest data allows hotels to create a personalized experience for guests
  • Built-in channel manager prevents double bookings or overbooking
  • 24/7 customer care allows quick problem solving
  • Software automation makes repetitive tasks a breeze
  • The software can be customized to meet the needs of a growing business

Must-Have Features in the Best Cloud-based Property Management Software

Third Party Software Compatibility

Every hotel property has a unique work-flow. Managers are often working with multiple software providers for various tasks around the hotel. Whether it is inventory management, payment processing, or housekeeping; if a hotel needs the PMS to work with other apps or extensions, such a provision should be available in the software. Another advantage of compatibility with third party software is that hotels can choose the cloud PMS features that cater to their workflow and save money by not choosing features that they don’t plan to use. For smaller properties, this is an excellent option as their requirements are much less than large properties.

Multiple Property Management

A hotel PMS should offer the feature to manage multiple properties with ease. Often, managers are working to handle the teams at several properties. At times, managers are on the move and they need to tackle issues that arise at a remote property. In such instances, a cloud PMS should offer multiple dashboards that managers can choose from to see which property needs their attention the most. Managers should also be able to customize the dashboard view as per their preference. All these features backed by a fast and reliable cloud software can make it easy to manage multiple properties.

Guest App

A hotel stay is more than just a room for a period of time, a hotel stay is an experience that can create a customer for life. With a guest app, hotels can give their guests a superior stay experience. Guests can do check-in and check-out via the app, they can enter their room without needing keys, they can also order room service and make payments through Google Pay or Apple Pay. With all these features and much more, hotels must choose a cloud PMS that is compatible with a guest app.  Having an app can enhance the experience of the guests at the property and also save time for staff as guests can use the app for most of the services at the hotel premises. What’s more, hotels can also use the apps to upsell their services to guests by giving them discounts or add-ons that might be of interest to the guests.

Native Booking engine

A native booking engine on the hotel website goes a long way in creating a professional impression on any prospective guests. Ideally, the hotel should keep as few steps as possible between the guest choosing the hotel room and making a payment. If the hotel uses a third party booking engine, there is a chance that the guest might change their mind. With a native booking engine that plugs into the hotel PMS, there are less errors and more sales. Hotels can also put their own branding and logo on the booking engine which adds to the peace of mind of guests that they are dealing with a reliable business.


cloud based hotel PMS is the ideal approach for increasing a hotel’s revenues and taking the productivity of the staff to the next level. There are many ways in which a cloud PMS can be extremely useful to the staff in a hotel. From reducing the work-load of the staff to creating optimum workflows that help the staff in finishing tasks faster, the cloud hotel software can do all this and much more.

At mycloud Hospitality, interested business owners can get access to a complete range of software tools that are designed to help them in improving their hotel business. The software is easy to learn, highly customizable, and offers new and updated features that are geared towards maximum profitability. Used by clients in more than 40 countries, the software adds a touch of modernity to any hotel property.

Interested in learning more about the software? You can give us a call at +1-415-390-5039 to schedule a free demonstration. The software can be up and running at your hotel location in as less as 30 minutes. The team will explain the features of the software, show you a demonstration, and also tell you how your hotel chain can benefit by using the software solutions offered by mycloud Hospitality. Find more by browsing through

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